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        The USBPhone-P1K is a professional USB Phone that enables you to enjoy the full feature of  Skype, X-Lite, VoipStunt, VoipBuster, Net2phone, Nortel, SJphone...Software, Like a mobile phone style, Simply plugging it into the USB port of your PC or laptop, you can make / answer Internet calls just as you would be on a regular telephone. Its high sound quality have made it a perfect VoIP device for both office and home use.

Packing info:
Package: color box ; 1set/box; 50sets/carton 

Weight: G.W.: 11.2KG/Carton ;  N.W.: 12.5KG/Carton

For any quality problem itself , we will guarantee to keep in good repair for one year

Series Manual



  • Supporting Skype ,X-Lite, phone

  • Fully functional keypad enables you to make/receive calls even easier

  • Rings loudly on an incoming Skype call

  • Acoustically isolated speaker and microphone to eliminate echo Full-duplex communication with crystal clear speech

  • USB Interface PnP, No need driver,No external power/sound card required

  • LCD display and LED indicator

  • Streamlined and fashionable design ,3  Color available(Gray, Silver and Red)

  • 199 incoming call and 199 dialed numbers

  • Free SkypeMate software is included in the installation CD or Download from website that enables the USB device to work with Skype seamlessly

  • On SkypeMate have 10 kinds of rings and volume adjust ,20 kindsof language version

  • Also compatible with other PC-based softphone applications, such as  Skype, X-Lite, X-Pro or eyeBeam, MSN, QQ, Google-talk, Voxbar, VoipStunt, VoipBuster, VoIPCheap, NetAppel, InternetCalls, FireFly, easyCALL, 263net Pro, KONDGE-netphone, My HKtel, UBIFONE, WWTelcoPhone, sipgate, Vonage, Voiceserve, SparVoip, VoipDiscount Dialpad, Net2phone, Nortel ,SJphone  etc.  Some Driver Built-in USBPhone hardware.

Operating requirements
  • P2 with 200 MHz CPU or better with USB interface

  • 64MB of RAM

  • 10MB or more hard disk space

  • Operating System: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

  • Network: LAN, ADSL, ISDN, 33.6K modem or better

  • Physical Connectors : One USB Port

  • Cabling : USB A-type connector

  • LCD : LCD for call messages/status

  • LED : Power /connection indicator

  • Standard Support :  Compliant with USB V 1.1
                                        Compliant with USB Audio Device Class Spec V 1.0
                                        Compliant with USB HID Version 1.1

  • Operating Humidity : 5%-95% RH

  • Operating Temperature : 0 ~40 degree

We have two models with the crust---USB-P1K and USB-P1KH

The difference of USB-P1K  and USB-P1KH

  • different chipset and solution

  • P1K support more software

How to use with Skype

Run Skype first
      Download Skype software and install it
      Run Skype and log in with skype account.
            Icon means Skype connect successfully;
            Icon please check your internet connection..

Connect USB Phone to PC
      Plug-in USB Phone to PC usb port , the LCD shows "VOIP Phone".

Run SkypeMate
      Download "SkypeMate" software and install it
      Run "SkypeMate"
            After runing "SkypeMate", there is a icon on taskbar:
           Device and Skype are connected successfully;
           Please run Skype first ; (if skype is on, offhook to active it);
           USB Phone connected incorrectly,please reconnect USB Phone to PC

Make calls
      Add "SkypeMate" to Contacts
      Assign Speed-Dial for it, example 


      Dial number and call out:
      Press digital "1" and "1" on USB Phone, this number will be showed on the Skype window,
      then press SEND key();

Make SkypeOut calls (PC to Phone)
      Press "00"+"country number"+"phone number", then press SEND key();
      Press "00"+"country number"+"MOB number", then press SEND key();

Adjust options (volume and ringer)
      Double click the on the taskbar, then you can adjust the volume and ringer

Install Figure

English language version / Chinese language version